BellaClub presents   Nalu Kasmierski 2017 - See the second part of this shooting now! Nalu Kasmierski 2017 - See the second part of this shooting now!Nalu Kasmierski is the prettiest thing in this world. She, who was in Bella Club in March 2016, has signed a new contract this year, and the result of this brand new shooting you’re able to see right now. Are you ready to meet a Nalu who’s even prettier, hotter, and more daring than the first time? Well, it’s your lucky day: the new photos are already available to you in the web’s steamiest website. C’mere!

 Beatriz Fida Beatriz Fida

 Sara Alves Sara Alves

The first model of Bella Club’s Christmas special is a lovely, teasing blond. And she’s arriving on Wednesday next week to play with you during the whole day, dressed as one of the best Santa’s helper you’ve ever seen.Have you any ideas on who that might be? Blog Who’s our first X’mas babe?

November was a delicious month here in Bella Club, with the releasing of brand new material of 5 incredible models. We had a powerful blond, a young-ish red-head, a college student, a typical Brazilian babe, and an amazing return. In the order we see on the imagem, these models were here in November: Caroline Junqueira, Sara Alves, Leticia Lucena, Beatriz Fida and Nalu Kasmierski.What a steamy combination!  Blog This was November in Bella Club

During the day we are slaves of one another, of all the humanity that demands from us, thinking, answering, participating, from the most intimate to the acquaintances, and of all the strangers who go by driving, running or who simply cross our reality on the streets of the world. We are slaves of cellphones, computers, messages, meetings, appointments, always late even without knowing or noticing that hours go by, to make us older and cruelly show the inutility of rushing by. Read all of what our writer Max Gonçalves has got to say about the world being impatient and reckless, and then tell us if you agree with him.  Blog Are you sure about the slowly but surely?

There are some days in which we suddenly catch ourselves thinking about some of our dearest models. Emanuela Albino, for example, is a babe who takes our breath away every time we see her around here. Take a break to see her photo shoot here in Bella Club, and see how your day can be much better! Blog Don't you just miss her deeply?

At a given night years ago, we discussed which is more charming – the lonely man or the lonely woman. The subject turned into a discussion about consensual loneliness, when you decide you want to be alone. Max around the world Between loves

“Don’t put all the eggs in the same basket”, some people say. And they are correct. Just be sure that you’re not stepping on unknown soil when you do business. Mantips Don’t be a know-it-all

The truth is that happiness may be a huge problem for people who cannot find their own way. It’s much easier wishing to have a glamorous, happy life, than actually doing something in order to reach that goal. What Women Want The envy of real life


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